gas station lighting standards

First of all, we all know that smoking and open fire are not allowed in the gas station and within 100 meters of the petrol station. You can’t call at the gas station lighting standards. That’s probably what most of my friends know. How many people know how to arrange the lighting and cables in the gas station?

Gas station, I’m sure you’re familiar with this word. Because it is indispensable to our life and travel. It’s the wet nurse of our car. You can’t drive without it. So we can’t live without it, and people often come in. What do you know about the dangers of gas stations that you don’t know about? Do you know the safety hazards at the gas station?

As for the choice of gas station lighting, I recommend the following points:

1. Requirements of the gas station lighting: anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof.

2. The top suction type or hanging type shall be adopted for installation.

3. The explosion-proof level shall reach IIC level or above, and the protection level shall reach IP65 or above.

4. In the power selection, the power of the lamps can be determined according to the height of the ceiling of the gas station, or the height of the lamp pole and the required area of exposure.

5. It is recommended to use maintenance-free, high-efficiency and energy-saving LED maintenance-free explosion-proof lamp.

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