badminton court lighting

Now a lot of people in charge of badminton venues don’t know how to choose the led flood light, some use 350 dollars to buy the light bulb installed, the result, because the brightness is not enough to replace, some a little better than some badminton court lighting with the general LED lights, although the brightness is no problem, but the glare of the problem is not about to come, or to replace the lamps.

There are usually three kinds of badminton hall lighting, namely, natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting. Most of the modern badminton courts lighting is mixed lighting, artificial lighting in badminton court is general lighting.

For badminton hall lighting design, the first is to maximize the use of natural light to allow the athlete to accurately determine pitch, height and placement, , the effect of natural light is best, of course, too strong or direct sunlight the shall not be reflected to the eye to prevented glare,followed by increasing uniformity, stability and coordination of distribution of illuminance, which is not only for outstanding achievements of athletes, but is very important for accurate judgment of the referee and the appreciation of the audience.

Badminton court lighting arrangement:

The quality of lighting badminton courts mainly from the following five aspects:

1) illumination level: whether the illumination is standard or not;

2) illumination uniformity: whether the illumination in sports venues is uniform or not;

3) glare: whether the glare is obvious or not;

4) brightness ratio: how many differences between the background color and brightness;

5) Lighting Stability: Are there strobe.

Badminton court lighting

Badminton court lighting is recommended:

1 consider lighting (LED indoor stadium lights) on the ceiling as general lighting, add additional secondary translucent lighting at the higher positions on both sides of the net;

2, protective cover shall be installed on the light fixtures to prevent glare;

3, there should be no lamps above the main stadium on the top of athletes in order to avoid high brightness. In general, the required minimum free international competitions height is 12 meters, so the height of the lamps installed shall be at least 12 meters,

Recommend the use of LED stadium lights. For an informal competition venues, stadiums ceiling height can be lower, when the height of the ceiling is less than 6 meters, it is recommended to use a lower-power LED indoor stadium lights, illumination requirements can be achieved, but also conducive to energy conservation.

Regarding the design of indoor lighting for asports court using white LEDs, the luminaireneeds to project the light into the playing field,and should also avoid glare by reducing the luminance of the luminaire. For a standard badminton court, the ceiling should be high enough to ensure that the player will not see the luminaires on the ceiling easily. In this situ-ation, the glare effect is not serious. However,most badminton courts are not equipped withhigh ceilings.

The design of the lighting for such badminton courts is not straightforward, especially with LED luminaires.

study of a luminaire system for a badminton court with white LEDs is presented. To provide enough illuminance, the luminaire is designedto be very efficient and to have a high optical utilisation factor (OUF).12,14,16Also, to avoidserious glare, the luminaire is designed to havea low luminance.17,18 Simulation as well asmeasurements of the real luminaire system arepresented.

Besides, a questionnaire for the evaluation of the badminton court lighting byaround 140 players is made to examine theperformance of the new luminaire system.

So do the stadium lighting must choose good one. below let Razorlux lighting small series for you to introduce briefly: common way of cloth lamps and effect of cloth lamp way One: Ordinary badminton court lighting layout options, not particularly high lighting requirements or the site is more intensive, you can consider each of the two sides of each of the three lamps installed methods. 

Cloth Lamp Mode II: The lighting requirements are relatively high, you can consider the badminton courts on both sides of the four Lamp installation method cloth lamp mode

Three: suitable for the high lighting requirements of the site.

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