Industrial Led Lighting

With the factory workshop industrial lighting fixtures market competition intensifying, LED product prices are constantly depressed, the plant workshop lighting LED lamp prices in the eyes of everyone is very close, lighting sales spread is beyond everyone’s Imagine. Most of the lamps and lanterns used in factory workshop lighting are replaced by LED lamps, and the replacement of light sources is a new change in the lighting age. 

How to choose the right led industrial light?

 LED tube models that we often hear T8 and T5 “T” is the size of the tube diameter, a “T “Is 1/8 inch so that is 25.4mm, according to the width of the workshop lights and lamps and the specific choice of LED lamp is appropriate. Plant workshop lighting a long time, the brightness and quality have certain requirements, good quality late can reduce the trouble caused by a lot of maintenance, it is best at least 3 years warranty of the manufacturer, relative to the quality of service is also very important.

As LED tube market sold “cabbage price”, more depends on the market demand, more and more low-cost products by customer demand, manufacturers racked their brains R & D and production of various types of low-cost LED products, “cabbage Price “upset the normal LED market, but also need to adjust the overall control of the industrial high bay lights market. Fluorescent tube heat is the focus of attention, because the plant workshop lighting a long time, the choice of materials on the aluminum shell is more conducive to heat, the use of light temperature is too high will affect the life of fluorescent tubes. Need to pay special attention in the market when purchasing, super high cost or light due to lighting.

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