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Port Lighting Selection and Lighting Savings Measures

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Although the port lighting electricity consumption of port companies is not large, the total amount of electricity used for lighting is considerable. Energy-saving lighting has become a problem that companies attach great importance to.

According to the characteristics of port companies, the pursuit of high-quality lighting effects, while the use of high-efficiency energy-saving lighting fixtures, different locations according to different standards of illumination design pursuit of modern lighting effects, to save lighting electricity to reduce the urgent need for pollution.

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1, the choice of sea port lighting

The throughput of China’s ports and its share of the world have been rising all the way. The momentum of development must remain stable, and security factors will become an important consideration for port authorities when choosing lighting solutions.

The lighting equipment in the work area is basically in open air, and it is also affected by the external environment such as dust and mechanical vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to select lighting equipment with a high degree of protection against rain or dust intrusion. At the same time, in the port, in addition to installing general lighting equipment for the entire work surface, certain local lighting is also required on large machinery such as container cranes to improve the visual resolution of employees and prevent accidents.

When choosing the lighting method, a variety of lighting methods such as “general lighting, partial lighting, mixed lighting, etc.” should be reasonably selected according to the requirements of illumination in different work areas.

When using mixed lighting, care should be taken not to make the work surface and the surrounding environment. The difference in illuminance is too great, otherwise it will cause staff fatigue. The illumination ratio of general illumination and local illumination may be 1:3 or 1:5, and the maximum may not exceed 1:10.

There are a large number of containers or other large goods that need to be moved at the forefront of docks or cargo handling operations, so light obstructions have become a major design issue. Since most of the obstacles are movable, fixed local lighting equipment cannot be used.

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