football stadium lights

Football has become one of the most popular sports and entertainment projects in the world, especially in Europe, South America and Latin America. Football is more than just sports. He has become a way of entertainment for everyone, at home or at the bar, at night. A professional football game has become part of your evening life!

As the saying goes, good horses have good saddles. Apart from watching professional competitions, we also need to pay attention to the supporting facilities of the venues, such as professional football field lighting and a wonderful game. Professional sports lighting and lighting are indispensable!

International football venue application classification and corresponding requirements

According to the use of the function of the football field, the international lighting environment will be divided into five levels, but the daily general-purpose classification is only corresponding to the requirements of the football field as the basic requirements, join the audience to watch and live television requirements The weights and standards are divided into three levels: high, medium, and standard. The following is a brief and intuitive description of each of the three categories.

The highest level of football lighting

This level is currently the highest standard of football lighting standards, suitable for international competitions, global television live, we currently watch the World Cup in Russia, there are 16 European Cup, is a typical representative of this level.

Medium Soccer field lighting 

This level is suitable for domestic competitions, domestic live television, we usually hot pursuit of Super League, China A match, such as Evergrande VS Shanghai, generally this level, is the use of this standard lighting.

Standard Football Stadium Lights

This level applies to domestic competitions without TV live

In general, the illuminance of this venue is between 750-1000LX. Basically, it only needs to pay attention to the player’s game and the audience can clearly watch.

On this basis, FIFA’s grade requirements have increased: it applies to league or club matches, there is no TV live broadcast and it is suitable for daily training or entertainment, there is no TV live, these two and the above three constitute five categories .

In the selection of LED flood lighting fixtures on the football field, razorlux is generally the domestic choice. In addition, razorlux is the first sports lighting company in China to provide foreign and international large-scale sporting events. Before that, they appeared in the World Cup as a lighting supplier for the U20 Women’s World Cup. The arena!

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