Stadium Lighting Fixtures

The lighting design of the gymnasium focuses on the stadium flood lights within the pipe, that is, the lighting of the game. In-pipe lighting is a highly functional, highly technical and difficult design. To meet the requirements of various sports competitions is conducive to the technical level of the athletes, which will help the referees to judge correctly and be beneficial to the viewing effect of all parties in the audience. 

The design of the gymnasium should pay special attention to the on-site live broadcast of color televisions. In order to ensure that live images are vivid and clear, the colors are vivid, there are specific requirements for vertical illuminance, illuminance uniformity and three-dimensionality, and color temperature and color rendering of the light source. It is one of the main signs of evaluating a gymnasium whether the lighting design of a gymnasium can meet the requirements of illumination standard and lighting quality.

Different sports events will be performed in different sizes of sports venues, and different ways will be used to make use of the sports venues. The range of athletes’ activities and the range of coverage in sports are also not the same. Stadium lighting fixtures should serve these sports and meet their needs. Therefore, a reasonable arrangement of lamps and lanterns based on comprehensive consideration of the characteristics of the sports events and the characteristics of the sports venues in order to obtain a good level of lighting and to avoid adverse effects on athletes and television broadcasts.

First, lighting fixtures and glare and interference light

1. Specification. Luminaire installation location, height, and projection angle should meet the requirements of reducing glare and disturbance light.

2. About glare. Different sporting events and different levels of events have different glare upper limits. The following glare values apply to most situations.

Outdoor Stadium: GR less than or equal to 50GR less than or equal to 40

Indoor gymnasium: GR less than or equal to 30

3. About disturbance light. Interference light is a kind of glare, which refers to the overflow light that is caused by the intensity, direction, or spectrum of light that causes people’s troubles, discomfort, distraction, or decreased visual ability in a particular occasion. China’s standards and CIE standards impose corresponding requirements for limiting interference with light pollution.

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