led flood light 400w

LED High-power light bead products and devices in the application process, heat dissipation, electrostatic protection, welding has a great impact on its characteristics, need to cause the application end of the customer’s high attention. 

Folding heat due to the current semiconductor light-emitting diode wafer technology limitations, LED photoelectric conversion efficiency is still to be improved, especially high-power led, because of its high power, about 60% of electricity will become heat release (with the development of semiconductor technology, photoelectric conversion efficiency will gradually improve), This requires terminal customers in the application of high-power LED products, to do a good job of cooling to ensure that high-power LED products work properly. 1. heatsink requirements. External type and material: if the finished product seal requirements are not high, can be directly with the outside air environment convection, it is recommended that the use of fins with aluminum or copper heat sink film.

2. Effective heat dissipation surface area: For 1W high-power led white light (other colors are basically the same) Division I recommend the effective heat sink sheet area of 50-60 square centimeters. For 3W products, the recommended heat sink effective heat dissipation table area of 150 square centimeters, higher power depending on the situation and test results increase, as far as possible to ensure that the heat sink temperature of not more than 60 ℃. 

3. Connection method: High power LED aluminum substrate and heat sink when connecting, please ensure that the two contact surface formation, good contact, in order to strengthen the combination of the two contact surface, it is recommended that the bottom of the LED aluminum substrate or heat sink surface coated with a layer of thermal conductivity silicone grease (thermal conductivity of silicone grease thermal conductivity ≥3.0W/M.K), thermal grease requirements of the coating uniform, the appropriate amount, Then the screws are pressed and fixed.

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