Badminton Court Led Lighting

How to design Badminton Court Led Lighting?

Independent allocation of badminton court Lighting of school to improve the utilization of the site, in the basketball game venue north and South temporarily set up (six) badminton court.

We recommend that professional lighting be configured for badminton venues independently. This project cost lower, and easy to use and manage. 

Badminton court power supply, lamps and control system each badminton court 6.1×13.4 meters, according to the actual needs according to the “Stadium lighting design and testing standards” jgj/53-2007 provisions, Level 1 “training and recreational activities” illuminance standard value design.

Each site is equipped with 6 sets of professional 400w badminton court led lighting, installed in the 18 meters height of the ma Dao, the lamp bit in the field sideline, as far as possible to reduce glare. Power supply in the original basketball game venue outside the distribution cabinet to pick up the distribution box. Mobile remote control lamp switch.

It can directly replace the traditional lighting such as high color rendering metal halogen lamp product, and meet adequate, uniform illumination requirement for badminton courts, table tennis, billiards and other sports venues

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