baseball field lighting

Baseball field lighting is different from the other stadium lighting requirements, baseball field area is about 1.6 times times the pitch, shape is fan-shaped, infield and outfield illuminance value difference. 

In general, the average illuminance in the infield is higher than the average illuminance of about 50%, so the uniformity of the field illuminance is difficult to take into account the difference between the size of the illuminance value between the infield and the outfield, and the illuminance value of the infield and outfield junction.

It is expected that the illuminance value of infield and outfield can be designed to be significantly different, it is hoped that the boundary between infield and outfield can be designed to be the watershed of illuminance value, thus reducing the illumination value of the field adjacent to the infield, and reducing the illumination value of the area and the field Arc edge area, so as to improve the uniformity of the illuminance of the outfield.

It is necessary to select and calculate the projection point and beam angle of each lamp in the design, and adjust the height of the light pole to ensure that all kinds of lighting indexes of the baseball field conform to the International Lighting Committee (CIE) standard and the relevant standards of the domestic venues.

Baseball field lighting design, not only to meet the average vertical illuminance and average level illuminance, but also to achieve the vertical illuminance uniformity and level of illuminance uniformity, as well as the average vertical illuminance and the average level of illuminance ratio coefficient. 

In addition, you need to limit the number of glare indices, select a higher color index and the corresponding color temperature of the light source, so as to achieve the basic function of the baseball field lighting kits requirements, to ensure that the baseball players at night training and play the normal skills of the game, while ensuring that the TV broadcast, clearly reflect the athletes instantaneous movement and movement posture, And to capture the trajectory of a baseball in high-speed motion.

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