gas station lighting

In recent years, with the rapid economic development of our country and the era of civilized cars, our country has become the second largest automobile consumer market in the world. At present, more and more gas stations are newly built.

Due to the large power consumption of automobile gas stations and their wide- Therefore, gas station lighting has great potential for energy-saving retrofit; gas station lighting energy-saving design is imperative.

Because gas stations are special service establishments that operate flammable and explosive commodities and are open 24 hours, artificial lighting becomes an indispensable part of running gas stations. Gas station lighting is the gas station near the hospital lighting and the environment.

At present, some gas stations highlight the use of lamps as “poor light efficiency,” “poor quality,” and “poor visual.”

Some car owners said they went to some gas stations at night, especially when they found remote stations. The gas station was dark and some even did not open the light boxes. As a result, many passing vehicles failed to find the gas station in time and affected the operation. Hidden trouble.

Some gas station lighting has the problems of “poor light efficiency” and “poor quality”, as well as the problems of poor quality: the traditional light source has low luminous flux, short service life, and the quality of electrical appliances is not up to standard, leading to frequent replacement and other problems;

Gas station lighting design is the best energy-saving LED lamps, low temperature, no radiation, safety, energy saving;

Gas station lighting energy-saving design If you use the power of 70W LED flood light brightness quite high with the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp 150W brightness; saving rate of 50% or more;

Traditional lighting is too high current, voltage power consumption of only a small part of the power used to light, and a large part is used to generate heat and noise, which will exacerbate the lamp aging, but also shorten its service life.

Gas station lighting energy-saving design using LED lamps energy saving, longevity, energy-saving effect of 50%. This will not only save some energy but also reduce costs, creating more profits for gas stations.

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