golf course lighting design

The light is very bright at the beginning, and will soon darken the phenomenon can not be solved indeed, the use of HID high power metal halide lamps in the golf course has the effect of lighting with the use of time and constantly decrease the phenomenon, and this is the metal halide lamp itself limitations. 

This is known as the “light decay”, it is the metal halide lamp itself caused by the principle of luminescence. According to the management of an golf club, this problem has arisen in their lighting system and is rather serious. It is exciting, however, that as technology continues to innovate, there are producers who have solved the problem better (Zhihai lighting, which focuses on sports lighting, is the leader). We produce high power led flood light for golf course, baseball, tennis court.

Under the new technical conditions, it is no longer an “impossible task” to keep the pitch constant without attenuation. Three, 1000-1500 watts light yellow light 2000 watts white light.

There is now a perception that the light emitted by a 1500-watt light is yellow, and that the light emitted by a 2000-watt light is whitish. In fact, yellow and white light and the power of the light source is not directly related to, they are determined by the color temperature of the light source.

We can see in the standard Chroma distribution chart and Planck curve that the color temperature between 3600K to 10000K, is white light range, less than 3600K yellow, greater than 10000K is blue. 

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