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How To Design Gym Lighting?

The gym is a sports and leisure space. In terms of gym lighting design, it is different from other shops. Compared with the gorgeous lighting, it needs to put practicality first, creating a comfortable, professional and safe sports space.

Therefore, when designing lighting solutions for the gym, the lighting of the space should be controlled to a higher level, and different lighting designs should be created for different areas.

1. Overall lighting design skills

In the lighting design of the gym, whether it is a space filled with a large number of fitness equipment, or a corridor aisle, each area needs to obtain a balanced and sufficient practical lighting. The intended illumination is typically achieved by installing a downlight fixture for illumination in the ceiling of the space.

Illumination: As we all know, in order to ensure the safety of space movement, the gym needs to provide sufficient illumination with uniform illumination. It is recommended that the main area illumination of the function is controlled within 200 LUX, and the illumination of the leisure area is controlled at 100 LUX;

Color temperature: Different color temperatures have different psychological responses to people, and people can produce a “space impression” based on color temperature. In the lighting design of the gym, the main choice of 3000-4000K color temperature lamps, with bright natural color lighting, enhance the sporty atmosphere in the space. In addition, lighting with warm or white light can make the body feel more comfortable.

Direction of illumination: Whether it is a recessed light or other lighting, pay attention to avoiding the top of the athlete’s head, otherwise it will bring a certain sense of visual and psychological pressure, greatly reducing the leisure atmosphere of the gym. Therefore, it is recommended to use semi-direct lighting, or deep anti-glare design led lamps.

Lighting match: The fitness room environment is relatively large, but remember not to install the lamps in the ceiling. It is recommended to install the recessed light unit in the ceiling area, and through the balanced distribution of lamps, the following fitness area can achieve simple and bright enough lighting effects.

2. Lighting design for different fitness areas

The decoration of the gym is different from other spaces. The functional division of the gym is very important. It is generally divided into equipment area, gymnasium room and yoga room. Depending on the functional space and its different needs, the lighting design considered is different.

Instrument area: First, the light should be bright and ensure the layering of the space; secondly, the functional design of the area lighting, such as the anaerobic area of the light needs to reflect the resoluteness, try to add cool color; the aerobic area of the athlete, with warm lighting A stretchy, relaxed space atmosphere.

Gymnastics Room: Gymnastics, as a rhythmic, rhythmic movement, with display and enjoyability. Therefore, the lighting design of the area can use professional stage lighting to ensure a bright lighting environment, the color temperature is controlled at 4000K, and the room light is full of natural light.

Yoga Room: The yoga room needs a soft and elegant atmosphere to enhance the charm. The overall space is recommended to use soft, warm lighting, allowing the experiencer to feel the beauty of the sport in a peaceful state.

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