hockey stadium lighting

The hockey stadium lighting needs to illuminate all the fast-paced moves provided by the hockey game. After all, the ice hockey is only 4 “, can travel 100 miles. Whether it is to participate in the arena game or watch at home, the best viewing experience is the ice court is very light-filled experience.

LED lights provide energy-efficient lighting that will reduce your energy consumption and costs while improving light quality and providing uniform surface lighting for the whiter, brighter hockey stadium.

For hockey games displayed on television, LED lighting can provide high-quality light on the ice and provide light uniformity throughout the rink. This greatly enhances the HDTV sports broadcast experience because the camera operator can follow all game actions with minimal camera adjustments.

Energy-saving LED hockey lights

By installing low-calorie, lumen-efficient LED lights on a hockey field, you will save on lighting power and expensive compressor time. LED lights will not only exceed your old candle’s more foot candles, but the proper placement and placement of LEDs will enhance your hockey game.

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