indoor badminton court lighting

Indoor badminton court lighting design method:

1. The design of the badminton court lighting scheme of the badminton court is generally a low-brightness lamp installed at both ends of the net. The light source is preferably a fluorescent lamp with soft light. The projection of the lamp should enable the light to illuminate the site and the site.

Space, and there is enough light overlap, the installation height of the lamp should not be less than 8m. In order to have a certain brightness around the site, some lamps need to be installed around the site. The light of this part of the lamp should leave the normal line of sight of the athlete and be installed in the It is 10m away from the outside of the site and 10m in the longitudinal direction. The reflectivity of the wall and ceiling of the badminton sports venue should meet the following requirements: 20% for the rear wall, 40 to 60% for the side, 60 to 70% for the ceiling, and no pattern or pattern on the wall.

2. Fluorescent lighting is recommended for use in older manuals. Metal halide lamps should be controlled to control glare. The height should be above 11 meters, and the horizontal position should be 1 meter away from the edge of the field.

3. If it is a slightly more professional venue, try to avoid the use of down-illuminated metal halide lamps. High-output led lighttransmission will cause severe discomfort when the athletes serve the ball. It is recommended to use the form of the cloth on both sides. Pay attention to the control of the projection angle of the luminaire. In the direction of the line of sight where the athlete may pick up the ball and hit the ball, the light must not be arranged. If there is a network referee position, the projection angle and the installation height of the light are more. To be better controlled.

There are usually three forms of lighting in a badminton court: natural lighting, artificial lighting, and hybrid lighting that are used together. Most of the modern badminton courts are mixed lighting, and the artificial lighting of the badminton court is general lighting. In the design of the badminton hall, to make the athlete accurately judge the ball path, height and drop point, the first is to make the best use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare, not to allow excessive light or Reflected into the eye. 

The second is to increase the stability of the illumination and the uniformity and coordination of the distribution. This is not only important for athletes to achieve excellent results, but also for the accurate judgment of the referee and the appreciation of the audience.

Introduction of ordinary court Badminton court is rectangular court, with 13.4M length, 6.1M dimension for the doubles game, 5.18M dimension for the singles game, 14.723M diagonal line for doubles game,14.366M diagonal line for singles game. Badminton court was divided equally into 2 components by horizontal line, divided lengthwise into the front court, midfield, back court. The front court could be a space that between short baseline and also the net; the rear court is from finish line to long baseline. middle is space that from short baseline to long baseline. 

According to international game customary, the minimum height of space is 9M.Within such height, it not allowed any trave and alternative obstacle. And it not allowed any obstacle inside 2M around court. Between any 2 parallel courts, ought to exist a minimum of 2M distance. 2. The characteristics of court lighting There area unit 3 completely different lighting approach for court lighting: natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting that embody the 2.For modern court, most adopt mixed lighting, and artificial lighting is general lighting.

Requirements of badminton court lighting style is that permit player will accurately choose the trail,height and droppoint of ball. First, it’ll create the foremost of natural lightweight. The impact of natural lightweight is perfect. it’ll stop direct lightweight or mirrored lightweight to eye. Second, improve stability and uniformity of illumination. it’s vital not just for athlete’s sensible perfermance, however conjointly for judge’s correct judgement and audience appreciation.

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