basketball court lighting layout

Recently, many customers find us to do basketball lighting design. So, I am here today to write an article on basketball court lighting, this article is for reference only. Specific lighting program also set according to the needs of each client to do.

College basketball games are where the numbers get a little tricky. Normal everyday games need substantially less light than the televised games. Because they’ll be nationally broadcasted, the upcoming March Madness semi-finals and finals will need even more. The Championship game will need a whopping 125 footcandles.

Most basketball courts base their lighting on a 10x10 foot grid. Smaller courts have lighting layouts that are pretty similar. The chart below shows the difference between a high school (green) and a regionally broadcast college (orange) sample light fixture layout and the grid they’re based on. Don’t forget the coaches and benchwarmers need some light as well, so be sure the sidelines are lit too.

basketball court lighting

Basketball Court Lighting Requirements:

1, the illumination standard of the basketball court (GB):

amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx, general competition: 300lx-500lx, official competition: 500-750-higher (1500lx). Audience 30lx-100lx.


2, Installation Environment Description:

According to the "Basketball Rules" promulgated by FIBA and the National Sports Commission, a standard tennis court covers an area of not less than 28 meters (length) × 15 meters (width)

3, professional advice:

the lighting of the basketball court lighting should use metal halide lamp (white light) or LED lighting;

Lighting should use flood type, reflector should be clear, it is best to use integrated lighting;

Light power according to the lamp height, light density cloth and light.

According to different competition levels, lights can be grouped control;

Lamp height of 6-8 meters is appropriate, installed in the upper part of the line of sight;


Outdoor basketball courts don’t need lighting levels as high as their indoor equivalents. This is because the dark sky backdrop helps provide a greater contrast. Three or four shoebox fixtures mounted on poles on either side of the court is all you really need.


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