led tunnel lighting

The research on energy-saving of new light source in tunnel has been concerned by the industry, among which the energy-saving research of LED tunnel l has made great progress.

Because according to the scientific research such as the theory of visual and intermediate vision, the relationship between color rendering and illuminance, LED is used in tunnel illumination, so there are many important tunnel lighting projects in China which use LED tunnel light. 

The application of LED tunnel lighting in the tunnel illumination project has made a breakthrough, but there are still problems, for example, there is no specific design and construction specifications for the tunnel lamps with LED as the light source, and the uneven performance of the products.

At present, the common distribution forms of light distribution include concentrating light distribution, side-shooting light distribution, and Lambertian light distribution. Different applications can be applied to different types of light distribution. 

For example, bat-wing light distribution for road lighting and concentrating light for spotlights should be used. Due to the particularity of tunnel lighting, the arrangement density of the lamps in the tunnel lighting is very high, so the secondary light distribution of the lamps in the tunnel lighting is different from the general road lighting.

In the led tunnel lighting fixtures, the bat airfoil light distribution and Lambertian light distribution all meet the requirement of illumination uniformity. This is mainly due to the fact that the distance between the lights in the tunnel lighting is relatively small. For example, the middle section of a domestic tunnel lighting project has only 5 light intervals. Meter.

Zhihai lighting tunnel lights are used in the current road lighting and tunnel lighting more commonly used bat wing type light distribution.

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