outdoor baseball field lighting

Range of outdoor baseball field lighting not only on the sports ground, in the upper space of the site should also have sufficient illumination, in the range between the pitcher and catcher special need for high illumination illumination. 

In order to reduce glare to the audience and increase the sense of comfort to the visual environment, from the outside of the field line should be more than 7m of the area, in order to reduce glare, increase space brightness, ordinary  installation height of baseball field lighting should be greater than 28m, The installation height of the lighting fixtures for major game baseball venues should be greater than 35m.

Usually use 6 lamp pole or 8 lamp pole installs the lamp, also may install the lamp in the awning’s way above the auditorium, the light pole should be located outside the main visual range 20 degrees, in order to reduce the unnecessary glare. 

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