soccer field lighting

When selecting a light source, consider the following factors: 

(1) luminous efficiency; 

(2) The optical output of each lamp, 

(3) utilization rate, the light that is accepted on the field,

(4) The color of the light source is gentle color, 

(5) The starting and restarting characteristics, 

(6) The time used annually, 

(7) initial investment and operating cost 。 

Halogen tungsten lamps, metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps can be used for site lighting, if the requirements of high illumination, halogen tungsten lamp is not suitable, unless the time used for a shorter year.

If possible, the level of lighting can be improved to meet the future needs of color television transmission, high-pressure sodium lamp is not suitable for color TV broadcast, only metal halide lamps to meet the requirements.

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