stadium lighting design

The modern stadium not only absorbs the latest developments of contemporary architectural art and the essence of local humanities and history in building appearance, but also shapes stadium buildings that conform to the contemporary spirit.

Various sports facilities and software and hardware facilities should also be improved. Of course, there must be a good Lighting the environment. 

LED stadium lighting is to rely on the function of light, a reasonable exposure and action on the athletes, referees, spectators visual. So that athletes can concentrate to give full play to their competitive level, to create good results; so that referees can quickly make accurate judgments; the presence of spectators can easily enjoy the technical movements of athletes, feel the venue intense Lively competitive atmosphere; so vivid color TV broadcast screen.

Therefore, a good led stadium lights environment in the modern stadium occupies an important position and role, for which lighting stadium construction must grasp the following three principles:

    (1) to meet the visual requirements of the athletes during the competition so that the objective impact of the light on the competition is minimized;

    (2) Meet the visual requirements of the audience to minimize the feeling of discomfort caused by watching the game;

    (3) to meet the lighting requirements of TV broadcast, improve the broadcast quality.

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