Badminton Court Light

Newly-built badminton court in the installation of badminton court light, need to design a good lighting scheme, according to the actual arena lighting and wiring diagram layout lighting distribution.

In fact, many of the arena in the installation of lighting will be based on their own feelings or the advice of the building contractor, the use of the sky-sky cloth lamp installation Arena lights, so for the arena operators, lighting evenly distributed, looks more coordinated and unified.

And for the badminton enthusiasts who come to the arena to play, it is not so comfortable. As we all know, the badminton court is different from the other stadium, for the lighting requirements can be said to be very harsh. 

The stars of the cloth lamp Let the light evenly distributed, but too bright light, will give the players a kind of dazzling feeling, especially in the lob and after the ball, need to look up and see the ball’s flight route and judge the ball landing, and the glare around the stadium will affect the play of badminton enthusiasts, see not clear the light trajectory of badminton, This is one of the reasons why most badminton enthusiasts dislike the starry-sky lighting arena.

For the badminton court lighting design and lighting layout, should be based on the number of pitches, location, height, wall decoration, and the number of lamps and lanterns to adjust the lighting. 

Even if these conditions are met, the choice of led badminton court lighting can not be sloppy, this is important. Some of the arena has been carefully inspected, according to the actual situation of the stadium, carefully designed lighting layout, but the actual lighting after installation is not satisfactory, this is mainly the problem of lamps.

Dazzling lighting, there are glare, strobe, dazzling lamps, no matter how the layout, all the stadium’s overall lighting harm without a benefit. Therefore, the badminton Court is particularly important for the selection of lighting fixtures. 

In this, the recommendation of the badminton court in Guangdong star general professional not dazzling badminton field lights, for the stadium lighting problems encountered by the development and production, according to the Badminton field lighting requirements and design. Lighting using a new type electrodeless lighting, surface light badminton stadium lights, direct eyes will not feel dazzling, unique glare treatment, light soft bright, not dazzling, no glare, not strobe, the overall stadium lighting uniformity and not dazzling, improve the course grade.

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