fencing hall lighting

The lighting guidelines for the Olympic fencing competition are as follows: The illumination design of fencing competition.

Although the main aim is to maximize the visual comfort of the athletes, it is also necessary to create a suitable environment for television broadcasts to make the theme lively. The minimum installation height of the fencing hall lighting shall be 4 m above the competition site. The aim angle of the luminaire should be less than 65 degrees. 

Lighting equipment should meet the requirements of the studio and studios, should have the glare control equipment to meet the purpose requirements. The lighting should not be installed above the competition site, nor should it be installed in the 20 degree range of the center line of the competition.

The lighting should be installed at a 60 degree range. The aim is to prevent athletes from being affected by glare. All lighting should not be directly aimed at the camera, preferably not in the camera at the apex of the 50-degree cone. When installing a lighting device, the reflected light on the ground in the race field shall not reach the camera.

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