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Hybrid lighting in track field lighting , China's track and field progress and lighting are inseparable?

Track Sports Lighting - Past and Present of Chinese Track and Field

In terms of the world, China is a big sports country, only one step away from the sports power! If table tennis and diving are traditional Chinese strengths, then football and athletics are our weaknesses! For the track and field sport, one of the more popular sayings is ethnography. The speed and explosiveness of the yellow race are not as good as those of blacks and whites. The characteristics of races limit the play of track and field!

However, with Liu Xiang winning gold in Athens in 2004, Zhang Peimeng ran out of 10 seconds, and Su Bingtian's Asian record of 9.91 appeared on the field. They proved that they could not achieve it if they tried hard! The future of Chinese track and field is written by us!

track field lighting

Track Sports Lighting - Introduction to Hybrid Lighting

For track and field training, professional track and field is indispensable, and track and field lighting as an important part of track and field competition, he is very important for track and field competition. The next small series is the king of the popular science and field lighting in the field - hybrid lighting, all-around multi-angle for everyone to offer different track and field lighting!

The track sports lighting hybrid arrangement is a lighting method that combines the four corners and the two sides (including multi-rod arrangement and optical belt arrangement). It is the current large-scale comprehensive track and field to solve the lighting technology and lighting effect comparison. A good type of cloth light.

Track Sports Lighting - hybrid lighting concept

The multi-bar arrangement of the track and field lighting is a form of arrangement on both sides of the track and field lighting. The two sides of the track and field lighting are arranged in combination with the light poles or the building horse track and arranged in the form of clusters or continuous light belts on both sides of the playing field. As the name implies, the multi-bar layout of the track and field lighting is to set up multiple sets of light poles on both sides of the venue. Its outstanding advantage is that the electricity consumption is relatively low, and the vertical illumination and the horizontal illumination are better. Due to the low pole, this type of lamp has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance.

The track and field illumination strip arrangement is another form of arrangement on both sides, that is, the lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the court to form a continuous light strip illumination system. The lighting of the belt is uniform, and the brightness between the athletes and the track and field is relatively good. At present, it is recognized that the lighting method can meet the requirements of color television broadcasting, high-definition television broadcasting and even ultra-high-definition television broadcasting.

track field lighting

Track Sports Lighting - the advantages of hybrid lighting

The track sports lighting hybrid arrangement has the advantages of two kinds of cloth lamps, which enhances the sense of solidity, and the vertical illumination and uniformity in four directions are more reasonable, but the degree of glare is increased. At this time, the four corners are often not set independently, but are unified with the structure of the building, so the cost is relatively low.

The track lights used in the four corners of the track and field are mostly narrow beams, which solve the problem of long-range light. The light bands are mostly medium beams and narrow beams, which realize far, medium and near projection. Since it is a hybrid arrangement, the projection angle and azimuth arrangement of the four corners can be appropriately and flexibly processed, the length of the light strip arrangement can be appropriately shortened, and the height of the light strip can be appropriately reduced.

Track Sports Lighting - hybrid lighting options

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