volleyball court led lighting

How to design volleyball court lighting?

Volleyball court lighting design: The Game pole volleyball field design is rectangular, its length is 18 meters, width is 9 meters. Four weeks at least 3 meters wide barrier-free area. At least 7 meters of barrier free space from the ground level. 

Lighting design methods of volleyball field: 

(1), optical characteristics, such as light, glare control 

(2), economic, such as lamp efficiency, initial investment and long-term operating costs, 

(3), special environmental conditions, such as fire hazards, explosion hazards of the environment, dust, humidity, vibration and chemical corrosion environment; 

(4)volleyball court led lighting should be coordinated with the building, 

(5)lamp efficiency (η) High: Η=φl/φo, depending on the reflector shape and material, the light mouth size, diffuse hood or grille shape and material, 

(6), environmental conditions of the IP level.

The volleyball court is designed to drain the outdoor space and can have a slope of 5 millimeters per metre. No hard objects shall be used as site boundaries. International row of the World Competition indoor volleyball field design lighting in 1 meters from the ground height of lateral volume, should be 1000~5000 lux. The placement of lighting equipment does not hinder the athlete’s vision.

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