warehouse lighting

In the warehouse lighting, the LED high bay light is the most worrying for consumers. The quality of the lamp is not bright, the darkening and stroboscopic problems, and the problems encountered in the warehouse lighting are more convenient for testing and repairing.

First, the connection is not bright

One of our common situations is that the power is turned on and off. If the traditional light source is judged to be a ballast damage, if it is processed, the filaments at both ends should be detected first. It is recommended to purchase a constant current integrated LED tube, even if the voltage is unstable. Safety. When installing, remove the starter and ballast on the bracket and connect it directly to the 220v AC.

Second, the lamp body is black at both ends

In the second case, the two ends are black, and the LED tube is a common phenomenon in warehouse lighting, indicating that the lamp should be replaced when the light effect is reduced. Most of this phenomenon occurs in traditional light sources.

Warehouse lighting covers a wide range, and we are only familiar with a small part. What factors affect the effect of indoor lighting, let’s analyze it together:

1, the power of the lamp: a decisive role in the overall brightness, excessive darkness has a bad effect on the eyes, such as 15w LED tube, the normal illumination area is 15-20m.

2, the color of the wall: the dark color absorbs the bright color of the reflection, there will be brighter, brighter and darker.

3. Refraction angle of the lamp: The so-called refraction angle is the light illuminated by a certain light surface. Generally, there are mirrors and water surfaces in the room. The more the bright surface, the greater the angle of refraction and the higher the brightness.

4, reasonable choice: suitable warehouse lighting space to choose the appropriate lighting tools, LED tube, LED high bay lights, LED floodlights, etc. will be suitable.

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