led flood lights

LED application products, especially semiconductor lighting products demand for high-power LED flood light are more and more prosperous, while the quality requirements higher and higher.

Forward voltage test: the forward voltage range must be within the circuit design permit range, many customer-driven LED lighting are voltage mode power supply, the direct voltage size will directly affect the overall circuit parameters change, which will give Product quality risks. In addition, for some circuit power requirements of the product, you want to ensure that the same luminous efficiency under the forward voltage is better.

Luminous flux sub-file: Luminous flux value is an indicator of LED users are very concerned about, LED application customers have to know their own LED luminous flux in which range, so as to ensure uniformity and consistency of their product brightness.

Reverse Leakage Current Test: reverse leakage current under the load at a certain voltage below the required value, the production process due to static electricity, chip quality and other factors led to LED reverse leakage current is too high, which will give LED applications buried Under the great hidden danger, it is easy to cause the LED flood light to die after using for a period of time.

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