Outdoor Basketball Field Lighting Collocation

To see the weight, the same level of 100w enough foot size is better, whether the housing material enough, the thickness of the heat sink and the individual length, the thickness of the number of thick and long to be better. Currently, commercial high-power led flood light fixtures efficiency of only 15% to 30%, most of the remaining energy into heat. If the heat can not be effectively discharged, will lead to very serious consequences, so the heat is very important. When you choose to try to use a little thicker, a little heavier.

2.Watching wattage, 100w Some manufacturers can not do such a high, may only look like 50w or 75w, commonly known as 0.5w and 0.75 watts. To test the power, just buy a multimeter to actually measure it. Light source chip quality and size, in order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, manufacturers with low quality W beads. In the seller’s flicker, you can count the number of integrated lamp beads is indeed enough, there are so many chips, but the size is very small, low brightness. This is what people often say less than two pounds less phenomenon, but there may be some consumers do not have professional tools to check it out.

3. Look at the seal, waterproof well, well sealed, then it is not easy to water, that is waterproof performance, as long as the lamp shell is good, with a good seal, be sure to IP65 level. Outdoor flood lights with rain, moisture-proof line, bubble into the water for a long time there is a security risk, it is recommended to use professional water lamps, such as underwater lights, buried lights, this package tight.

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