solar street light

Solar street lamp is powered by crystal silicon solar cell, maintenance free valve-controlled sealed battery (colloid battery) to store electric energy, super bright LED lamp as a light source, and controlled by intelligent charge and discharge controller, used to replace the traditional public electric lighting street lamp. With the continuous improvement of the utilization rate, we are also very concerned about its price. The following is to share the method of judging the price of solar street lamps.

1. Is the price list of solar street lamps complete

Buyers in the process of purchasing solar street lamps, would ask solar street lamp manufacturers have a solar street light price list, complete solar street light price list should have the basic information of the solar street lamps factory, followed by the product specification, including the product price, price details, pictures, material, size, specification, etc., also pay attention to product quality assurance and delivery form. The more complete the solar street lamp quotation table the more trustworthy.

2. Is the configuration of solar street lamps reasonable

In addition to the solar street lamp quotation table is complete, but also to see whether the solar street lamp configuration is reasonable. The configuration of solar street lamps is communicated between the purchaser and the manufacturer in advance, because the solar street lamp manufacturer makes reasonable configuration according to the purchaser’s demand, and the configuration combination should not only meet the use demand but also avoid excessive waste.

3.Shop around

If the price list of solar street lamps is complete and the configuration is reasonable, then the price of solar street lamps can be compared with different manufacturers with the same configuration. If the price quoted by the solar street lamp manufacturer is obviously lower than the market reasonable price, it indicates that the product itself will have some problems, and the price higher than the market reasonable price will not be considered as a good deal, so we must carefully consider before making a decision.

The above is the judgment of the price of solar street lamps. The solar street lamps are developing towards the direction of high quality and high added value. However, it is hard to avoid that some of them will be shoddy.

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