LED flood light

Teach you to easily identify LED lighting is good or bad, mainly in the following four points:

1, look at product packaging and trademarks

This is the easiest and most intuitive method of discrimination. Genuine LED flood light packaging should be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other information, as well as brand marks and related certification mark.

Genuine LED flood light fixtures on the packaging of the trademark printing quality is good, the font is clear, and not easy to fall off. Even with a soft damp cloth, the trademark is still legible.

Trademark of Fake and inferior products is in poor quality, fonts, some of the trademarks of the product can be erased with a damp cloth.In addition, there are no printing on the packaging and related certification marks of some led flood lights.

2, look at the appearance of the outdoor light fixtures

Genuine LED flood lights with three primary colors, and the color of the tube white, hand-covered, the color will look more white. When purchased, consumers can put more than just LED lights together, the lamp shape, size consistency of the product is generally a large-scale production of products, the quality is mostly guaranteed.

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