LED switching power supply

In real life, fires caused by outdoor LED screens, LED light boxes and LED lighting are not uncommon, among which unqualified LED switching power supply and improper installation are important reasons. Then the selection of qualified LED switching power supply, the correct installation, maintenance is to ensure the safety of the user’s life and property key issues.

Then how to choose the right qualified LED switching power supply?

 How to install LED power supply correctly? We should pay attention to the following five problems: 1. Two, choose a short circuit, overload protection of the power supply; Three, choose components of the flame retardant power supply; 4. Select cables that meet the requirements of national standards; Correct connection of power supply and luminescent words.

Select qualified LED switching power supply, in line with the national standard requirements is the basic requirements

When the city into the night, bright lights as the fairy scattered thousands of pearl, bristly buildings, as if covered with pearls inlaid xia yi. With the development of LED lighting products, the quality standard of LED switching power supply, an indispensable part of LED lamps, is becoming higher and higher. LED switching power supply is mainly used in outdoor environment, so in the application process, there are strict requirements for weather resistance such as waterproof, lightning protection and heat dissipation.

In outdoor signage projects, the working environment of LED switching power supply is often subjected to extreme weather. For example, in winter in the north, it is extremely cold. At this time, if the LED switch power supply is to work normally, it must have the function of low-temperature startup to ensure that the luminous word can start normally under the condition of -30; In the south, especially in rainy season, foggy, wet, dust is the test LED switch power supply conditions. Work normally below such environment, must assure 3 prevent processing of power source product, moistureproof dustproof mist, assure to be used normally in seaside and damp weather.

To purchase LED switching power supply products that meet the above quality requirements, qualified products that meet the national standards must be selected. In fact, as early as a few years ago in our country has been put forward for the power supply through the national 3 c authentication request, but now really meet the requirements of the 3 c power supply manufacturer is little, basically small-scale power supply of the products have 3 c certification, but as our domestic leading LED power supply enterprise, the power supply most of the products passed the domestic 3 c certification. Customers can rest assured that the purchase.

Ensure the safety of LED switching power supply, choose products with short circuit, overload protection and flame retardant functions

In the process of using LED switch power supply, fire may occur due to short circuit of power supply, or damage may occur due to overload of power supply (overload of power supply).

The so-called short circuit protection requires the power supply to be cut off within a very short time after the short circuit fault occurs, so as to protect the load from the impact of large current and effectively protect the safety of LED switching power supply.

The overload protection requires the LED switch power supply to be short overload impact current or short circuit current and instantaneous action, to protect the safety of the LED switch power supply.

Choose LED switch power supply, in addition to the choice of short circuit, overload protection function, flame retardant function is another important barrier to protect the safety of power supply. If a fire breaks out. The power supply can not effectively flame retardant flame, then it will be like the beginning of the scene, let the whole luminous word on fire, the consequences will be unimaginable, so choose a fire retardant function of the power supply, circuit board, components have flame retardant characteristics. So even if the power supply happens to the above situation, it will not affect the luminous word.

In short, choose LED switching power supply, to choose brand products, so as to ensure its quality and safety. The capacitors used in the LED switching power supply are all brand capacitors with long service life and many advantages. At the same time with prevent short circuit, overvoltage, overload, overtemperature and other protective functions, to ensure that users have no worries.

Ensure LED switching power supply application security, correct installation is particularly important.

To ensure the safety of LED switching power supply application, in addition to the selection of quality products in line with the standards, the correct installation is the key. The correct installation of power needs to pay attention to the following three problems: 1. 2. Pay attention to the correct connection mode when connecting with luminous words; 3. Installation environment requirements of power supply.

At present the cable quality above the domestic market is uneven. Many manufacturers in order to profit in the sales of copper clad aluminum wire, this will have a great hidden danger in the use of time, too much current capacity is not good, resulting in too much current cable overheating fire, will also harm the whole luminous word. In the actual case, the choice of the appropriate cable has a formula: “two point five multiplied by nine, the upward minus a shun number go”, said is 2.5mm and below the various sections of copper core insulation wire, its carrying capacity is about 9 times the number of sections. For example, for A 2.5mm conductor, the carrying capacity is 2.5 9 = 22.5(A). At the same time, the zero line of the output loop of the power supply should be thicker than the output cable.

When it comes to the correct connection between power supply and luminous characters, we know that many outdoor luminous characters are installed on the wall or at high altitude. Many are far away from the power supply, which leads to a problem: the voltage drop. Line voltage drop calculation formula is train U= (P*L) /(A*S), where: P is the line load, L is the line length, A is the conductor material coefficient (copper is about 77, aluminum is about 46), S is the cable section.

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