stadium led flood light

The method of estimating the illuminance of the stadium led flood light illumination design is usually based on the unit area capacity. 

Basic formula: N=PXA/PL: N-pan-light lamp number; pl-per floodlight power W; P-Unit area power W/㎡; A-photographed area of ㎡. 

The key to sports lighting, in addition to providing enough horizontal and vertical illumination, but also need to reduce glare, so as to achieve bright without glare effect. Glare is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of led stadium lights. According to the CIE no.83 publication “The stadium illumination of the color TV system”, the maximum glare index grmax in the field should be less than 50. The smaller the glare rating, the better the glare limit.

 Glare rating GR is calculated from the following formula: gr=27 24lg*lvl/lve 0.9, LVL is the light screen brightness produced by the lamp, and lve is the brightness of the light screen produced by the environment. General in the calculation of illuminance, should be calculated in different directions of the glare rating GR, at GR 50 o’clock, that is feasible. The limit of glare in addition to reasonably determine the selection of lamps, installation height and arrangement, but also can be taken to improve the background illumination of the game method.

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