street light installation

How to get a street light installed?

Street Lighting will perform an engineering assessment to determine if a new street light is warranted and whether an installation is feasible. An installation is warranted if:

• Spacing Standards are not met.

• Lighting Standards are not met.

If City of Portland street lighting standards are not met and a new street light is feasible, the area will be assessed against the Equity Analysis Matrix to see if it meets the City’s Equity goal for the following criteria:

• History of risk

• Race

• Income

If a new street light is warranted, feasible, and meets our equity goals then in most cases, PBOT Street Lighting will fund and complete the installation and pay the ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

 If the engineering assessment concludes that a new street light is not warranted, is not feasible to install, or does not meet our equity goals, but you would still like to have additional lighting installed, you may purchase your own outdoor area lighting.

Some owners in my neighborhood are trying to get street lights throughout the neighborhood. These owners are taking the approach of trying to get the required 55% of the neighbors sign a petition to take to the County Board to get an MSBU district formed.

My concern is if they are sucessful in getting 55%, 45% of the owners that did not want the lights are going to be forced to pay for something they don’t want and to top it off will show up on their property tax bills.

As you may have guessed I don not want the lights. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 16 years. It really chafes me to be forced to pay for something I do not want.

As a foot note, If the 55% want street lights they can pay for them OR if any individual wants them, fine.

I am trying to draw out any of the other neighbors that don’t want them to make their voice heard but is there any recourse if they are sucessful or am I now a member of a socialist neighborhood?

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