heat of led flood lights

LED chip cooling mainly with the substrate and the selection of the circuit and the process, because any LED will be made of lamps, so the heat of the LED chip on the end of the lamp is always scattered through the shell of the air. If the heat dissipation is not good, because the thermal capacity of the LED chip of China 400w led flood lightis small, a little bit of heat accumulation will make the chip junction temperature quickly improve, if the long period of work at high temperature state, its life will be shortened quickly.

However, these calories need to be able to really guide the chip to the outside air, to go through many ways. Specifically, LED chip is generated by the heat, from its metal radiator block out, first through the solder to the aluminum substrate PCB, and then through the thermal conductivity to therate of heat sink. Therefore, led hotel engineering lamps heat dissipation in fact includestwoparts of conduction heat and dissipation.

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