installation of high bay light

In order to avoid the risk of death, personal injury or property damage from fire, electric shock, falling parts, cuts/abrasions and other hazards. Please read the warnings carefully prior to installation of high bay light and pay attention to the instruction included with the fixture boxes and labels, closely abide by the instruction manual for installation and use.

Before installing high bay light, servicing, or performing routine maintenance on this equipment, please follow these general precautions:

Commercial installation, service and maintenance of the fixtures should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician.

If you are unsure about your wiring, consult a qualified electrician or local electrical inspector, and check your local electrical code.

To prevent wiring damage or abrasion, please do not expose the wiring to edges of sheet metal or other sharp objects.

Do not make or alter any open holes in an enclosure of wiring or electrical components during kit installation.


● Please read instructions carefully before attempting to install hight bay light.Retain instruction

for future reference.

● Disconnect power before installing or servicing.This high bay light must be wired to the current

IEE Wiring regulations by a qualified electrician.

● Make sure there is enough support for the position to install the LED high bay light.

● Do not attempt to open the LED high bay light for any reason.

● If the external soft cable or soft wire of the LED high bay light was damaged,please replace it

with the cable or wire specially provided by the manufacturer or its agent.

● This product must be earthed !

● Metal surface is hot when working , please don’t touch it before the luminaire cools down adequately


1. Isolate the power before installation.

2. In the position of installing the LED hignbay light, pre-installed expansion hook first (when

selecting the expansion hook ensure it can load more than 30 kg)(Fig 1).

3. Using phillips screwdriver to taking off the screws on the light’s cover part on the body case(Fig2),

then install back the cover and lock tightenly(Fig 3).

4. Installing the hook to the place where the power supply box on the light, then tighten the

screws on the side(Fig 3).

5. Ensure the high bay light is fixed and wired well,the voltage input is in the voltage area

displayed on the high bay light.

6. Connect the AC wire to an outlet, the three –core wire includes the Neutral Wire(Blue),

the Ground Wire(Green Yellow), the Live Wire(Brown).(Fig 5)

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