How to Install a LED Light Bar

As long as you follow instructions and have basic tools, you can install your new LED light bar with little difficulty. This article provides basic installation guidance to supplement the directions or schematics that came with your light bar.

One of the most popular searches on Google is “how to install an LED light bar on roof.” This can be a stressful task for most people. Big brands like Nilight and Rigid have installation videos online, but still, it can be tricky depending on what vehicle you have.

You have several options for installation. You can buy it and have it installed by a professional at any service station, call your buddy who has installation knowledge or install it yourself.

What You Will Need

The best option will depend on your budget, skill level, and how much time you have on your hands. Having a professional install it will likely cost you twice as much, but if you don’t have any wiring knowledge and are uncomfortable trying to do it yourself, this is the best option to avoid making mistakes.

However, many people want to install their LED lights themselves. It’s important to do your homework BEFORE attempting DIY installation to make sure you don’t damage your bar or even to avoid injury to yourself. There are several things you’ll have to consider:

Before You Get Started

Before you jump into installing your new LED light bar, consider checking several things, before getting started:

Is Your Light Legal?

Hopefully, you already checked local and state regulations regarding the use of auxiliary lights on your vehicle. If not, do so now to avoid having to remove it or alter the mounting. For the largest light bars, you probably need a cover when not driving off-road.

Check the Parts List

If you have researched various LED light bar reviews, you probably noticed that a few buyers received opened packaging with parts missing. Make sure everything you expected to be in the box is actually there.

Tools and Materials You Need

Besides a good set of screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers, you need a measuring tape and something to mark drill holes. Only use drill bits that are the right size and are sharp. Dull drill bits of the wrong size will create frustration for yourself and possibly damage your vehicle. Vise-locks or C-clamps can hold the light bar in position when marking holes.

For light bar wiring, you need a pair of wire cutters, wire strippers and the correct crimpers for the connectors you choose. Use marine grade or IP-rated connectors and you can forgo tape and caulking to seal splices. Wire ties help route wiring under the hood and inside the cab.

Testing the LED Light Bar

Connect your light bar directly to the vehicle battery or another DC voltage source as soon as you open the box. If you use a power supply, make sure its voltage output is within the light bar’s specs. Also, make sure it can supply the maximum current your light bar draws.

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