bridge LED lighting

Bridge lighting project presents the beauty of individuality and essence

Bridge lighting engineering of light color not only has soft landscape features, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns or bridge important hard landscape, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns of modelling the message or an important aspect of the bridge lighting engineering concept expression.

If this bridge LED lighting engineering scheme extremely regional style, and then the LED lighting lamps and lanterns model can reflect the bridge landscape pursuit of culture in the modern landscape architecture design puts forward the concept of architecture and integration of lamps and lanterns, so should bridge lighting engineering.

Both ornamental type LED lighting lamps and lanterns, such as street lamps,such as LED floodlights , both should be considered at the start of the bridge lighting engineering design, and lighting and bridge into a whole, in order to avoid a bridge after the completion of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is a landscape of the burden.

Bridge lighting engineering is an organic combination of lighting science and bridge art. It considers the lighting needs of Bridges in many aspects and makes a reasonable combination.

To sum up, with combination of point, line and plane is given priority to, match the dynamic and static illumination of bridge lighting engineering pattern highlights the focus of the bridge, bridge better show the essence of beauty and personality beauty, showing the charm of the bridge and grand momentum.

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