How to Install Football Stadium Lights

The layout of led stadium lighting design and the installation of lamps and lanterns is reasonable and directly affects the sports venue lighting effects and economy.

Nowadays the sports clothings commonly used in the basic mode of light as follows mainly in the following ways: outdoor sports venues, light poles, four towers, multi-tower, light belt, light and lighthouse hybrid; indoor sports venues, Uniform (Gypsophila), light band (over the field and over the field over the sky), hybrid. 

3.1 Four-Tower Arrangements Up to now, the lighting facilities of most stadiums in the past are four-tower arrangement, if we have some shortcomings to it (for example, different viewing directions require a great deal of visual adaptation and effective shading ) Not demanding, then still be able to meet the basic requirements. Set four corners of the four corners of the venue, the tower is generally 25 ~ 50m, commonly used narrow beam light. This arrangement is suitable for runway without football field, low utilization of football field lighting, maintenance and repair difficulties, higher costs. If the lighting quality is not too demanding, it can meet the general requirements of athletes and spectators.

The appropriate location of the beacon Aims to a suitable illumination distribution on the field by aiming with a variety of beam angle projectors. However, today’s films and televisions require high and uniform vertical illumination, requiring that the angle of football stadium lights incident on far parts of the field be far below the prescribed limits.

The impact of the higher brightness achieved with large gas discharge lamps, combined with the traditional tower height, inevitably causes excessive glare. The disadvantage of this four-tower cloth lamp format is that the visual changes in different viewing directions are larger and the shadows darker. Broadcasting from the color TV to see, to meet the vertical illumination in all directions, but also to control glare, is more difficult. In order to meet Ev / Eh 44 requirements and reduce glare, several improvements are needed for the four-tower lighting: 

(1) to move the four towers to the sides and the outlines to gain access to the opposite side and corners A certain vertical illumination; 

(2) increase the number of spotlights on the lighthouse on the side of the main television camera, to enhance the beam projection; 

(3) to add football stadium lights with illumination on the top of the stands on one side of the TV main camera, pay attention to control Glare, should not make the audience at both ends of the site aware of it.

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