LED high mast lighting

Pole high 30M, using the 12-edge pyramid plug-type structure, rod between the length of the plug is not less than 1.5 times times the diameter of the socket. Welding and bolted connections are not allowed in each section.

The Rod body steel is low silicon low carbon high strength steel plate, the strength is not less than 450MPA, the body of high mast light service life is 40 years.

 The Pole body welding process adopts the submerged arc welding under the Argon gas protection, does not allow the transverse weld.

 The Rod body Anticorrosion treatment method is the section whole carries on the hot dip Zinc anticorrosion treatment, the pole body galvanized layer Average thickness >85um. The galvanized layer has a service life of over 30 years.

The led high mast light must carry on the intensity design according to the 0.85KPA wind pressure.

The top of the high mast light shall be fitted with the lightning rod according to the current standard, and its protection scope shall conform to the engineering design document requirements. Two. Lamps

The power of the lamp group is 12x1000w, the protection grade is IP65, the omni-directional illumination floodlight is used, and the Razorlux 1000w led flood light for high mast and the light source are used.

Lamp dimming period of three years should not be less than the design illuminance requirements. Color temperature 2100K, color-rendering index 23, luminous flux 140000, the service life is not less than 24,000 hours.

Electrical power factor is not less than 0.90

When the power supply voltage changes in the 5%-10% range of the rated value, the bulb can be ignited normally without any flicker or extinction.

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