high mast lighting fixtures

The use of LED high mast lighting range: City square, station, dock, freight yard, highway, stadium, overpass. But do you know how to install it?

Installation preparation work of wholesale high mast lighting fixtures

  1. Carefully inventory all the components according to the loading and packing list.
  2. Inspect the components for damage, bending, distortion, and whether the zinc layer is damaged.
  3. The signs on each bar body indicate the type of the pole body, the order number and the number of sections. The weight of the rod body is marked with a color marker on the inside of the rod body. Whether the goods are correct or not, the crane lifting capacity is sufficient.

4. On the basis of the maximum and minimum socket length provided on the drawing, make a mark on the rod body for use when the socket is used. 


  1. Each splicing place provides a set of connection lengths, but due to the influence of manufacturing, installation error and physical factors, there is a change in the length of the socket, so the maximum socket length and the minimum socket length are provided.

 2. In order to facilitate the installation, you may need lubrication with the surface. Be careful not to use lubricating oil to prevent leakage and contamination of the rod body, you can use soapy water lubrication to cover the inside and outside surface. 

 3. The socket must be applied at both ends to exert the necessary force to obtain a close socket.

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