LED Basketball Court Lighting

The general conditions allowed for schools are equipped with indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts, compared to the outdoor basketball court, indoor basketball court has two of the greater convenience, on the one hand is not affected by the weather, rainy days can still continue as usual, not as outdoor basketball field back because of various weather reasons postponed or canceled;


On the other hand, indoor basketball court can arrange more viewers as, while outdoor basketball courts are generally surrounded by direct fence, so the general large or need to record the game in the indoor basketball court. Basketball court Lighting is an important indoor basketball court facilities, indoor basketball LED field lighting general set how many indoor basketball court lighting with what lamp, are the corresponding provisions and standards, now small to popularize for everyone.

Indoor LED basketball court Lighting installation guide

(1) The top of the starry Sky Layout lighting arrangement in the field above. The arrangement of the beam perpendicular to the site plane should be arranged on the top of the light fixture, suitable for the main use of low space, the level of uniformity of the surface requirements of the high, and there is no television broadcast requirements of the stadium, such as:

(2) on both sides of the layout of lamps arranged on both sides of the site, the beam is not perpendicular to the site layout of the way Both sides of the lamp should be used to choose a non-forming LED flood light fixture, arranged on the Ma Dao, suitable for vertical illuminance requirements of the gymnasium. On both sides of the lamp, the angle of the luminaire should not be greater than 66 degrees.


(3) Mixed arrangement of the top and both sides of the layout of the combination of the way to choose a variety of light fixtures suitable for the large-scale comprehensive gymnasium. The arrangement of the luminaire is the same as the top arrangement and the two sides arrangement.

(4) According to the basketball court Lighting arrangement of lamps and lanterns should be used, wide-light Cong lamps use a building space with a lower height, a larger span, and a good barrier reflective condition, and apply to a stadium that has a stricter glare limit and no TV broadcasting requirements, and does not apply to suspended luminaires and the construction of the building of a bridle.

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