installing LED boat deck lights

In this article, we’ll provide a quick study of things you need to know before installing LED boat deck lights. Need help choosing new lights? We offer guidance for purchasing LED lights for your boat, here.

Important keys to consider before installing new LED lights on your boat.

No Plug and Play

There are LED flood lights on the market with screw and bayonet bases, designed to replace conventional incandescent bulbs. These may be more energy-efficient, but they won’t offer the waterproof dependability of an LED. More importantly for navigation lights, if you change the bulb to one not specified for the fixture, it will no longer be U.S. Coast Guard-approved.

Electromagnetic Interference

LEDs are not bulbs. They are semiconductors and can emit electromagnetic interference. EMI produces static on radios and hash on display screens. Ascertain that the LED lighting you wish to purchase is shielded against EMI — most LEDs bearing the CE certification or Federal Communications Commission symbol are shielded. Also, twisting the wires of the affected device together can diminish interference.

LED boat deck lights

Mind Polarity

Inadvertently cross-wire an incandescent bulb and it might still work. But if you connect power to the ground terminal and ground to the power terminal on an LED, you may destroy or damage it. More than one DIY boater has momentarily touched the wrong wires only to find that his new LED does not work.

Light Bright

Replacing, say, a ­12-inch, 75-watt fluorescent light mounted under a T-top or over a galley counter with an LED fixture of the same size will likely result in a light that is far too bright for the use. Select LEDs that are one-fifth the wattage of incandescent lights as a rule of thumb. Doing so may mean having to use a smaller fixture, and thus you may need to fill some mounting holes and/or relocate wiring.

This article will demonstrate the simple process of installing a Razorlux LED Deck Lighting System.


1. Tape Measure

2. Marker

3. Power Drill

4. 1/8" Drill Bit

5. Wire Stripper / Crimper

6. Alcohol

7. Clean Rag

Step 1. PREP - Clean mounting surface with clean rag and alcohol.NOTE: Each boat is somewhat unique, you will have to determine the best way to route your lights back to the console.

Step 2. LAYOUT - Determine the best layout for your boat so that your lights are evenly spaced and avoid obstacles.

boat deck lights

Step 3 - MARKING - Once layout is determined, mark hole location with marker.

Step 4. INSPECT - Take a close look at the marked location to be sure that the area is free of any obstacles.

Step 5. DRILL - Carefully drill wire hole angling down with 1/8" drill bit right above trim strip on marked location.

Step 6. WIRE - Push part of wire in drilled hole and then open compartment and reach under to pull wire through.

Step 7. MOUNT - Peel off backing on light and push into place.

Step 8. ADHERE - Evenly apply 30 seconds of firm pressure across all areas of light to ensure proper adhesion to surface.

Step 9. REAR - Center light on side of rear deck and repeat mounting procedure from front deck.

Step 10. CONNECT - Wire all lights together using 18-2 wire and wire connectors, bringing ends to console.

Step 11. SWITCH - Wire lights into an open switch on your console or install a separate switch.

Step 12. DIMMER - Wire lights into optional dimmer control.

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