LED Explosion-proof Projector Light

Led explosion-proof lighting fixtures are inseparable from the transparent parts, and the transparent parts are the components with the lowest strength in the shell parts, so the installation of the transparent parts directly affects the safety performance of the explosion-proof lamps. The following analysis of three commonly used led explosion-proof light transparent installation:

Sealed directly in the shell, forming an integral with the shell.

This method is simple, practical and widely used. Sealing materials should be selected from rubber parts that are resistant to temperature and oil, or adhesives such as epoxy resin can be used to seal the transparent parts in the housing and press them tightly.

The transparent member is directly secured in the housing with or without a gasket. The flatness of the bonding surface of the transparent member is not required when the gasket is not used, and is generally suitable for a small flat glass and the glass bonding portion is simultaneously polished. Otherwise, the glass is not uniformly stressed and easily broken.

Sealed or glued to a frame that is fastened within the housing so that the transparent member can be replaced as a whole. This kind of structure is rarely used in luminaires. In some large devices that require frequent replacement of transparent parts, the transparent parts and the frame are replaced as a single unit. Hello, our company is committed to providing high-quality products, complete solutions, and high-quality technical service companies for the majority of users.

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