hockey rink lighting

Hockey is one of the oldest and brightest projects in the Olympic Games. Modern hockey originated in Britain in the early 19th century. The men and women of hockey were classified as Olympic Games in 1908 and 1980 respectively. The hockey field is 91.40m long and 55m wide, and the goal is 2.14 meters high and 3.66 meters wide. The ball sticks long 80~90cm, the ball weighs 156~163 gram.

Light-arrangement mode of barrier-free area around the hockey rink lighting, and no light poles or lighthouses are allowed in the obstacle area. The minimum accessibility area is: 5m from the bottom line and 4m from both sides. If the venue is used only for non-competition games and physical training, the lighting installation height is 15m. If the venue is also used for ball training and club competition, the effect of glare should be taken into account during the design.

The installation height of the hockey pitch lighting should be at least 18m. In order to avoid interference with the goalkeeper, the lighting method should be 8-bar type (see Figure 7-43), and at least 6-bar light (see Figure 7-44). The poles near the corners should be on the diagonal and behind the goal line so that they can provide a good lighting environment for the goalkeeper.

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