LED high mast lighting

For those who do not have contact with high mast light products, check the production quality of a high pole light, as well as the installation process is reasonable, you can judge from the following points.

Because the height of the high mast lights are 18 meters – 35 meters, so the lightning protection methods must be done, we often see the high pole lights, and many are only after hot dip galvanized treatment, the device used, so led high mast lighting body conductive no problem.

But many locations in recent years, taking into account the beauty of the pole lights beautiful appearance in the increase of a spray process, more common silver and white, this time you need to pay attention, and some Lamp manufacturer neglected a problem, that is, plastic powder itself is insulated, if the lightning rod are sprayed with plastic powder, then the effect of lightning conductor disappears, if found in the installation of this problem.

we must tell Installation personnel, the top of the lightning rod, from top to bottom at least 20 cm to completely scrape the plastic powder, and then in the lightning rod and rain cap at the junction, with the lightning rod to fix the top wire lightning rod plastic powder top will be out, only normal conduction .

Installation of high mast lighting

  1. Carefully count all components according to the loading list and packing list.
  2. Check whether the component is damaged, bent or twisted, and whether the zinc layer is damaged.
  3. The label on each rod body indicates the type, order number and number of segments of the rod body. The weight of the bar is marked on the side of the body with a colored pen. Compared with whether the approved delivery of goods is correct, whether the lifting capacity of the crane is sufficient.
  4. According to the maximum and minimum socket lengths provided on the drawing, mark the rod body for use in socket.
  5. One socket length is provided at each joint, but due to the influence of manufacturing, installation errors and physical factors, there are changes in the socket length, so the maximum and minimum socket lengths are provided.
  6. Lubricating mating surface may be required to facilitate installation. Be careful not to use lubricating oil to prevent leakage and contamination of the rod body. Use soapy water to lubricate the outer and inner surface of the sleeve.
  7. Apply the necessary force at both ends of the socket to obtain a tight socket.

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