150W LED tunnel light

This tunnel is located in China. The tunnel is a split double-hole unidirectional tunnel. The tunnel will be retrofitted to old tunnels. The old lighting fixtures will use high pressure sodium lamps. The new solution will use LED tunnel light fixtures for outdoor lighting. (Lamps are shown in Table 3) Length of tunnel: 1690m in the right hole, 1800m in the left tunnel: 7.5m in height; width in the tunnel: 9.75m in width; Lane in the tunnel: one-way two-lane; Speed of entry: 80km/h; Road surface quality: R3; field brightness: 4000cd/m2;

 Tunnel lighting design: According to the drawings provided by the customer, the tunnel is divided into five phases. The tunnel is a two-hole one-way road. The lighting patterns of the left tunnel and the right tunnel are the same, followed by the entrance section, the transition section, and the transition section. , basic section, exit section.

          According to the requirements of the drawings and cloths, the lighting method adopts double-side double-row cloth lights. The cloth light height is 5.2 meters. The specific light conditions are as follows:

   1 entry section

   2 transition section

   3 transition section

   4 basic segments

   5 Exit section

 Simulation and description of each section of tunnel LED outdoor lighting. According to the tunnel condition, four types of fixtures, namely 50W, 80W, 100W and 150W tunnel lights, can be used to perform segmented lighting.

The lamp lighting method is basically in accordance with the original design scheme. In the entrance section to meet the brightness requirements, the lamp spacing is changed to 1m, and other places remain unchanged.

1. Entrance section The entrance section lighting cloth lamp is divided into two parts, the first is the basic lighting, the second is to strengthen the lighting. The basic lighting section starts from the opening and runs through the entire tunnel. Since the brightness requirement at the entrance section needs to reach 120 cd/m2, and the lamp is not able to meet the requirements on the basis of the original lamp position, the lamp spacing is changed to 1 m. The entrance section is 80 meters long and the distance between the basic lighting is 10 meters. 

In the lighting, 50W tunnel lighting and 150W led tunnel lighting are used in combination. The number of lighting lamps is 160 feet. The tunnel is a double-hole tunnel. The total number of lights in this section is 320 inches.

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