Outdoor Badminton Court Lighting

Science and technology with each passing day, badminton venues, such as the scale of investment, such as flooring, ground gum and other facilities between the grade gap has been getting smaller, to improve the level of the arena of hardware measures mainly rely on improving the quality of the site lighting. 

Needless to say, to achieve the stadium lighting requirements is very easy, but if the arena is positioned in the high-end arena, the lighting only to meet the brightness requirements is not enough, but also to improve the lighting of the venues of light color quality and effect, that in the end how to do? One is to scientific and reasonable lighting design arena, the second is the need for a reasonable pattern of the stadium, three is the need for a good light color performance of professional badminton court lights

If you want to achieve good lighting quality effect, these three must be done at the same time. And for the lighting of the site light color performance, in the venue lighting design, but also must carefully identify the choice. 

Due to the differences in the professional and technical standards of the manufacturers, the performance and quality of the arena lighting will be different, light color is different, the following to the electric power of the Badminton field lighting as an example: recommended use of wisdom of the sea is not dazzling badminton court Led lighting, the use of electrodeless lighting, surface light emitting, display index ≥80, close to daylight color, color reduction ability Strong , no glare, no flicker, is to protect the eyes of the preferred light source. Razorlux owns the 10 badminton Hall lamp production experience, 8 years of light research and development and improvement experience, there are more than more than 10 years experience in design engineers free of charge to provide you with professional arena lighting design, so that you use the lamp with peace of mind and comfort!

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