outdoor tennis court lighting

Installation environment description of the outdoor tennis court lighting:

The height of the perimeter fence around the outdoor tennis courts is generally between 4 and 6 meters. Depending on the surrounding environment of the stadium and the height of the building, it may also increase or decrease in appropriate amounts. 

For stadiums where lighting is to be installed, lighting should not be provided on both sides of the outdoor court and on the sidelines except for the distribution of indoor roof lighting. Outdoor tennis court lighting should be set on both sides of the fence from the ground more than 6 meters above the ground, the light from the scene on both sides of the stadium evenly.

Professional advice:

1. Lighting fixtures for the tennis court should use uniform lighting and low glare (white light);

2, lamps to be widely exposed, reflectors should be clear, the use of integrated lighting;

3, the light source power according to the lamp height, cloth density and lighting requirements 400w-1000w.

High color rendering system to restore the true beauty of the stadium

▶ Let healthy sports have healthy colors, let the publicity show your taste and grace;

▶ Built-in light guide plate and glare control;

▶ High-strength housing materials and high-reliability structural design greatly reduce the failure rate of the lamps;

▶ Show an index of more than 95% to restore the true beauty of the stadium.

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