400 watt led parking lot lights

When it comes to underground car parks, we are not unfamiliar. Conventional car park lighting is generally light system is darker, because of underground, so bright car park lighting system for the whole car park is particularly important. Now let’s take a look at the car park lighting retrofit program.

  1. New car park: Razorlux 400 watt led parking lot lights, energy-saving rate of more than 80%, the Razorlux 400w LED parking lot lights No one without a car to maintain the state of sleep (4W), some people have the use of “radar Microwave induction” automatically into full power status (18W), intelligent lighting on demand. 

2, the old car park transformation method: The transformation work is very simple, only need to take the traditional lamp, replaces for the Zhihai 400w led car park to use the lamp. There is also the cost of replacing the traditional lamp for damage. V. Radar Intelligent induction led car park, life of led parking lot flood lights is up to 50,000 hours, save product costs. 

3, LED lamp power consumption is very low, combined with intelligent induction, the provincial electricity rate of more than 80% 

4, LED lights are environmentally friendly lighting, made of non-toxic materials, encapsulated in epoxy resin 

5, LED lights will become the fourth generation of environmental protection and energy-saving light source, to replace the ordinary incandescent and fluorescent 

6, LED light radar intelligent induction, reasonable control Light and shade, to achieve the lights, people to turn dark, automatic sleep, on-demand lighting, reduce the cost of electricity

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