stadium flood lights installation

In the lighting of indoor sports venues, the so-called phenomenon of several badminton bodies flying in a row is actually a phenomenon in which the stadium lights fluctuate, the led stadium flood light have strobe and stroboscopic effects, and the sphere’s flight trajectory is caused by unrealistic visual effects. 

The lighting effect requirements of the sports stadiums and stadiums: The light energy emitted by the stadium lights is smooth and stable and does not fluctuate. There is no hazard of strobe and stroboscopic lighting in the venue. The trajectory of the sphere in the air is not ghosting or trailing, and the flight trajectory is true.

The technical measures to achieve the harm without stroboscopic effects: The first choice is to use stadium lights without strobing. If a gas-discharged stadium lighting is selected, the alternating current (AC)-DC (Direct Current)-AC (AC) switching frequency of the electric power that drives the luminous body should reach 40KHz or more. If high-frequency electrodeless lamps and LED high-power energy-saving lamps are selected, these two types of high power led stadium lights are free of stroboflash and stroboscopic effects.

Selected high-end sports venue lighting energy-saving projects in developed cities, selected 6U-60W glare-free high-frequency energy-saving lamps, high-frequency electronic driver AC (AC) – DC (DC) – AC (AC) switching frequency up to 45KHz the above. The light energy does not fluctuate, is smooth and stable, and has no strobe or stroboscopic effect. The second measure is to select the stadium lampshades that match the reflection characteristics with the radiation characteristics of the stadium lights. Actually, the on-site lighting energy is allocated scientifically and reasonably in sports stadiums and gymnasiums. The third matrix type uniformly distributes light to ensure that both the horizontal and vertical illuminance of the stadium have both a high degree of uniformity and a reasonable illuminance ratio.

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