tennis court lighting fixtures

Tennis court lighting just like the air. Its existence is almost forgotten. On the contrary, when the lighting of the venue is not so professional, it will become hazy and it can be felt for the first time. Therefore, the comfort and professionalism of lighting speak for the importance of professional venues.

 This article introduces the lighting standard, cloth lighting and design of the tennis court in order to build with you and provide first-class lighting in the stadium to enhance the comfort of sports.

Illumination standard for indoor tennis courts (GB):

Amateur competition (training): 150 lux-300 lux,

General competition: 300 lux-500 lux,

Official competition: 500 lux-750 lux – even higher (1500 lux).

Auditorium 80 Lux -300 lux

In the renovation of indoor tennis courts new venues and tennis court lighting fixtures, high-suspension fluorescent lamps are recommended. The lamps are superior to other types of lamps in terms of comfort, illumination, and glare, and can provide customers with a professional and comfortable lighting environment.

In addition, a high-efficiency floodlight LED lighting fixture is also suitable for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The lighting fixtures meet the lighting specifications of the tennis courts, IES, JGJ and other tennis courts. There is a variety of light distribution and uniform illumination without dark areas.

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