Ice Hockey Stadium Lighting

1, the basic principles of hockey arena led lighting layout

   1) The luminaires should be arranged above the competition venue and its outside, and should be arranged symmetrically to the long axis of the venue.

   2) The aiming direction of the luminaire should be perpendicular to the long axis of the site, and the aiming angle should not be too large (should not exceed 65 ゚).

   3) Luminaires should be placed at a high enough height to reduce glare.

   4) When there are camera requirements, the level of illumination in the goal area should be increased.

2, special attention

   1) Bezels around the ice rink are prone to shadows and should be designed with care. This can be resolved by installing the luminaire on the boom or by selecting the appropriate mounting height and projection direction to solve the shadow problem created by the visor.

   2) The lighting design of the ice hockey arena should pay attention to the following points: First, improve the illumination near the goal, but you can not sacrifice the illumination uniformity, because the goal near the goal is the focus of the two sides, many people, the ball speed conversion faster. It is usually possible to reduce the distance between fixtures in the goal area, or use a light source with a higher light output near the goal. Second, the luminaire should not be installed on the short side of the ice rink to avoid reflection glare on the ice.

   3) For the ice rink lighting, the height of the light source should be 3~4m higher than the ice surface. When centralized lighting fixtures are used, it is also necessary to ensure that athletes cannot be affected by direct glare and reflection caused by ice. According to the characteristics of curling, higher illuminance is required at the ends of the collection. Therefore, the arrangement of the lamps at the pot is more compact than other places, or a high-output lamp is set at the pot to achieve the purpose of high illumination at the pot.

For one or two ice rinks, lateral lighting can be used. Generally, fluorescent lamps are used in the lamps. They are arranged along the sides of the ice rink. Lateral lighting can achieve higher vertical illuminance.

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